about will r. kessler

DSC05214Will Kessler has worked in solar design, installation and project development since 2006, when he took a job with a start-up solar company, installing and servicing solar PV arrays.   Since then he has taken on a variety of solar projects ranging from 2 – 200 kilowatts, and set ground-breaking concepts in motion.  His passion for sustainability has breathed life into projects such as the co-ownership model of solar (community solar arrays), virtual net metering, rooftop solar panels in New England’s Historic Districts, and net-zero energy buildings.   Hands-on experience comes from hundreds of hours of field experience installing solar systems, and Will holds a PV installer Certification from the North American Board of Energy Practitioners, which is a rigorous standard for solar installation best practice and safety.

Before learning solar, Will studied at Cornell University (B.S., Natural Resources), and UNH (M.S., Natural Resources.)  He often presents at solar energy conferences, and has published articles in industry and academic sources.  A few of them are linked here:

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Kessler, W.R. Progress in Historic Preservation: New Englanders starting to view solar panels through traditional lens of common sense.  Solar Today. Jan/Feb 2013.


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Kessler, W.R. and Dornblut, S. Why simple payback is too simple. Solar Today.  Nov/Dec 2009.


Kessler, W.R.  Photovoltaics on Campus: Best Practice Guide.  AASHE.  2009.